What We Do

Hi, I am Mike Ryan and if your script calls for  Semi-Trucks, Buses,  Heavy Equipment,  Race Cars or off-shore race boats give us a call. 

Vehicle Sourcing

We started  “Picture Vehicles Unlimited “ in 1982 as a vehicle broker  serving TV commercials and print . That business model became obsolete so we closed it in June of 2015. 

Picture Trucks LA provide  new or late model semi trucks & trailers, buses, heavy equipment,  racing cars and off-shore racing boats for TV,  Commercials and print and does specialty vehicle fabrication, welding, bodywork and paint.

18 years of racing semi trucks in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and  displaying them at  truck industry trade shows  has introduced me to the CEO’s and Presidents  of the big truck and equipment manufacturers and those relationships now allow us access to their inventory nationwide.

 Picture Trucks LA  works with the manufacturers and often makes the connections for product placement for the right  projects.

Stunt Driving

Mike has been doing car stunts since the late 1970s' and has performed in  several hundred TV commercials, TV shows and Feature Films. Curiosity led him into trying the same things in big trucks and buses and I am now one of the most sought after truck specialists in the industry.

He has at least 100 car jumps and 1 semi-truck jump to his credit and has jump ramps available for most every kind of jump. 

Mike has performed many of the major truck and bus stunts from Thelma & Louise and Terminator II  in the early '90s' to the last four Fast & Furious films. 

He is  the first person in the US to intentionally "drift" a semi truck and his  “Size Matters 1 & 2 videos collectively have over 7 million YouTube views. He has also drifted a 150 ton Caterpillar Mining Truck!

In 2014 on the taxiway at the Bentwaters Air Park in Suffolk England Mike established the Guinness World Record for a semi truck and trailer jump and he did it over the current Lotus Formula 1 car…as it was being driven!!!


 As a company, our focus  is on specialty vehicle fabrication and sourcing big trucks for TV commercials and print projects.

We often communicate with the director, producer, agency and client to understand and collaborate on the evolvement of the project.

Stunt Coordination

If your script calls for the extreme in big trucks, buses , race cars, race boats or on heavy equipment give a call. I have jumped, rolled, crashed, pipe-ramped, cannoned or jack-knifed or raced just about every rig combination imaginable. It is also nice to avoid the bruises sometimes and do a good old car commercial at magic hour on a nice curvy road.